This meal is easy to make, thanks to the help of pre-made, frozen meatballs. The creamy sauce makes this dish pure comfort food.

Slow Cooker  Swedish Meatballs

I love this recipe, especially in the winter.  It is one of our weekly go-to meals.

Frozen Meatballs Beef Broth Flour Cream of Chicken Soup Onion Soup Mix Nutmeg Allspice Sour Cream Heavy Cream Parsley Salt and Pepper


What could be more Swedish than meatballs?  Perhaps the country's most famous culinary specialty, the recipe actually originated in Turkey.  King Charles XII of Sweden brought the recipe back to Sweden in the 18th Century.  

A generous sprinkling of parsley before serving is a perfect way to finish this dish.

This was easy to prepare and so tasty!  My family loved it.

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