This amazing chocolate cake starts with a cake mix and couldn't be easier or more decadent.

Ultimate Chocolate  Fudge Bundt Cake

Absolute perfection! Making it for the second time in a week. Love how effortless it is and how wonderful it tastes.

Everyone needs a great chocolate cake in their recipe box and this is that cake.

The answer to a chocolate lover's cake.   A super moist, decadently delicious cake.

Chocolate Cake Mix Eggs Chocolate Chips Sour Cream Instant Chocolate Pudding Mix


Why do we call them Bundt cakes? The name bundt cake comes from the German word bundkucken, which roughly translates into 'a cake for gatherings.'   That makes sense, given that these cakes are big enough to feed a large group.

If you'd like to cut the richness of this cake, vanilla ice cream or fresh berries are both good options.

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