Loaded with vegetables, scrambled eggs and savory spices and sauce, this flavorful fried rice is the best way to use leftover brisket!

Leftover Brisket Fried Rice

A great way to use up leftover brisket.

You can make this with freshly cooked rice, but as a general rule, fried rice of any kind is much better with leftover rice.

Rice Canola Oil Eggs Brisket Salt and Pepper Sriracha Sauce Soy Sauce Produce: Green Onions, Ginger, Garlic, Cilantro, Limes Frozen Vegetables: Peas, Corn


Feel free to swap out brisket for any other protein: chicken, pork, shrimp, etc.

Suggested  Substitutions

Any of the produce can be easily swapped out for what you have on hand.

Suggested  Substitutions

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