Potato gnocchi replaces the traditional potatoes in this rich and hearty beef stew. The perfect, comforting meal on a cold day.

Made this last night and it was really good! Best beef stew I’ve ever made and I loved it with gnocchi!

Add your favorite veggies, like carrots, peas, corn and mushrooms.

What is gnocchi? pronounced ‘n(y)oh-kee’ Gnocchi are a type of pasta resembling soft and chewy dumplings. Gnocchi in Italian translates to "lumps."  Traditional gnocchi dough is made of flour, egg, and mashed potato.

Gnocchi Olive oil Butter Beef Onion Flour Tomato sauce Vegetables Balsamic Vinegar Herbs & Spices


Made this for the first time tonight… not one bite left from our table of 7… everyone said it was too delicious to put leftovers away.

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